A speedy new way to improve cash flow with innovative invoice finance services

After four months of unprecedented business closures and interruptions, there is no question that many companies across the country are today experiencing severe cash flow problems.  The good news is that Synergy Commercial Finance is constantly searching for new and innovative methods to assist and one of the best of these initiatives is NatWest Rapid Cash.  So last Wednesday, 29th July, over forty of our national network of commercial finance brokers gathered together for what was a virtual conference when we organised a webinar in conjunction with NatWest in order to explore and explain this latest funding proposition.

The Rapid Cash initiative is structured around invoice finance services and it provides super-fast commercial finance support based on a company’s unpaid invoices.  As NatWest explained, ‘The Rapid Cash platform connects with a company’s accounting package to help firms improve cash flow and grow their business’.

We think that it is fair to say that the webinar was eagerly anticipated by every Synergy broker who participated and judging by the number of positive comments we subsequently received, the concept of Rapid Cash slotted perfectly into our existing invoice finance services.

Virtually everyone who spoke to us after the webinar exclaimed that they confidently expect the Rapid Cash proposition to be of enormous benefit not only to their clients but also for their portfolio of introducers.

As so many companies are currently concerned about and are looking at ways to organise and improve their cash flow situation in the light of the coronavirus disruptions, we at Synergy, along with all our brokers, fully expect the Rapid Cash initiative to become a key weapon in the battle to regain financial stability.

Last Wednesday’s webinar was beyond doubt a stunning success and it was extremely well received by everyone who ‘attended’.  What was particularly appreciated was the fact that Rapid Cash can provide vital invoice finance services funding within just 48-hours of application, subject to approval.

Because it is flexible, fair, secure and trouble-free we are sure that it will be of enormous benefit to a wide number of broker clients and introducers.  It enables them to spend less time worrying about cash flow and more time focusing on stabilising and developing their business,

Which, after all, is what everyone wants.

Following the webinar success, if you would like any further information about the NatWest Rapid Cash proposition and our invoice finance services, and to find out if it is suitable for your company then please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 01904 481 786.    You can also email: enquiries@synergy.finance or you can send a message using the online form on our Contact page.

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