But many stores are still desperate to secure the retail finance they need to help rebuild their trade

Boris said: “ We should all go out and shop”, and according to Monday’s opening day reports, it appears shoppers are already doing exactly that.  We saw massive queues snaking around many of the country’s shops and stores, whose doors had been closed for around three months.  It’s got to be good news for everyone.  Or is it?  Many retailers, especially the smaller ones, have claimed that the lengthy lockdown coupled with the inevitable loss of revenue, has left them perilously short of stock and even more concerning … of working capital.  So many retail operators are now saying that they desperately require an injection of retail finance support if they are to capitalise on what could be an emerging shopping boom.

The good news for store owners is that the retail finance they so urgently require is now readily available and better still, it is easy to acquire on encouragingly competitive terms – if you know where to look.

The simple answer is Synergy Commercial Finance.  One of the UK’s most respected and most efficient sources of commercial funding support, including of course … retail finance.

Synergy has an impressive national network of highly qualified, ultra-professional commercial finance brokers, many of whom can boast a special experience and expertise in securing the exact retail finance support that so many shop owners are now so desperately seeking.

With exclusive access to over 200 funding sources (the biggest and most comprehensive funding panel in the UK) many of which specialise in supporting the retail industry, our brokers can, without doubt, provide the individual and personal service needed to source and structure a bespoke retail finance package that matches your business needs precisely.

There is almost certainly a highly qualified, FCA compliant, Synergy broker conveniently located for you, but all you need to do in the first instance is to contact us to discuss your own individual requirements and allow us to advise you on the most efficient approach along with the most competitive and cost-effective procedure.  At the same time, we will also put you in direct contact with the local independent broker in your area so that they can personally help you to secure the working capital you are looking for.

It really couldn’t be simpler.  Yet that single phone call could be the key to discovering the perfect solution you need in order to protect your retail operation today; to help you capitalise on the unique opportunities that are now opening up; and to ensure you secure a successful and profitable future for your business.

Why wait?  Contact us today and take the first steps to secure the retail finance support you are looking for.  You can call us on 01904 481 786.    You can also email: enquiries@synergy.finance or you can send a message using the online form on our Contact page.

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