Communication is a key part of any role and is a vital component of working as a successful asset finance broker to find financial solutions. Over the past few months communication has been even more important than ever with the overall financial landscape shifting, customer circumstances changing and funder credit policies being reviewed due to COVID – 19.

As part of Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd our Appointed Representatives have access to an extensive panel of funders enabling them to ensure that they are finding the very best financial solutions for their customers even during the toughest times.

With the differing requirements of each funder, our extensive panel have been busy providing our brokers with vital information so that they can continue to source funds for their clients. They have been utilising the facility of Zoom and Team Meetings, as well as many other various online meeting platforms to ensure our network remains up-to-date with the latest news and processes.

Our Sales Director, Lee Simms adds:

‘ With so many funders and a constantly changing landscape at times it was difficult to keep up with funder requirements with regards to forbearance requests, CBILS applications and now ‘business as usual applications’. However, with the utilisation of online communication platforms such as Zoom and Teams, our funders have been able to present to our Appointed Representative population directly giving a consistent message and answering any queries that they have in real time, giving them a fighting chance of finding the right financial solutions for their customers. I know that at times we feel ‘Zoom fatigue’ but it has been an extremely useful resource and one that I can see being heavily utilised going forward as we embrace the new normal.’

An agenda of funders has been regularly sent out to our Appointed Representative population so people can log in, as and when they feel that there is something relevant for them and to help them maintain their direct relationship with the funders during a time where meeting face to face is still difficult.

The fact that we continually support our brokers is just one of the key features of our ‘broker in a box’ offering.

You may be operating under your own brand as a franchise business, but you are only a phone call, an email, or even a zoom call away from the most experienced and knowledgeable team who are busy working away in the background, to ensure that you retain your independence and commitment to your customers, after all………. it is your business and they are your customers!

If you are working in the finance industry, whether in a finance house or as a broker and you’re still not sure what AFS (UK) Ltd are all about, or, if you have been thinking about ‘being your own boss’ but a little hesitant, then pick up the phone and have an informal chat with our Sales Director Lee Simms on 07894019445, there is no better time than the present, to change your future!

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