A busy but beneficial 5 weeks of work experience.

At face value, the prospect of trading a blissful, post-GCSE 10-week summer holiday filled with the short-lived English sunshine for 5 weeks of early-start ‘boring’ office work, surprisingly wasn’t very appealing to a 16-year-old like myself. However, on reflection of my past 5 weeks of work experience at AFS has proved to me that the stereo typical idea of an office job being a tedious and mundane chore is far from the truth.

The first but most humble task I performed when I started my work experience was my very first “brew run”, (a famous tradition throughout many offices). Although, admittedly this wasn’t the most thrilling job, it enabled me to: become welcomed into the AFS family and most importantly it taught me a crucially valuable lesson the hard way. Never ever mess up a brew!

My first week was spent in Compliance, ran by the self-proclaimed “ogres of the office”, which ensure that regulations are followed within every finance deal. I was taken aback at both the attention to detail necessary to run the well-established system at AFS along with the variety of adventurous tea flavours that the ladies were experimenting with. Who even drinks nettle tea? During my time with Compliance, I developed my skills on Microsoft Excel whilst improving my typing competence via completing reports. After accomplishing a multitude of jobs such as: filing, scanning and learning about FCA regulations, I realised that organization and team work are crucial when coordinating a distinguished business akin to AFS.

Subsequent to my firsts 7 days I had become a better version of myself; I was making my lunch the night before and I even inaugurated a sensible sleeping pattern. I had my feet firmly planted in the office. During my second week I was installed into the sales team where I forwarded emails to franchisees; inputted funder decisions into Athena and organised sales invoices. The new skills that I had acquired with both the sales and compliance team prepared me for my time in Accounts with the “number crunchers” where I learnt how to balance books, utilize Excel formulas whilst also being taught about VAT and when it is applied.

After 4 weeks at AFS I am currently with the Marketing team where I am furthering my knowledge in the growing world of Social media Marketing and advertising. Despite being a stranger to artistic flair I will also be taking part in some creative work and recognising the importance of individuality and creativity in present day office spaces.

Overall, after my work experience at the AFS office, my outlook on working in the finance sector has eminently changed and I would consider a future career in asset finance. I am grateful for the kind and welcoming way the team has treated me which has made my duration with AFS a pleasure. My time at the Blackburn office has been a pivotal experience and has taught me important skills which I can take with me into the not so big and scary world of work.

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