Personal Finance

Are you looking for a personal loan, a loan secured against your home, or regulated bridging? Our qualified specialists will support you by finding the best personal finance solution for you.

Secured Loan

Why would you use a Secured Loan?

  • If your commercial deal has been down valued we can potentially raise the difference on your residential property.
  • The recent changes in regulation have meant that you are unable to pay VAT or a tax bill by credit card. We can raise a 2nd charge on your residential property for that purpose.
  • To improve a credit rating to prepare for more favourable commercial rates with the high street in the future. Unsecured debt when moved to a secured loan can potentially improve your scorecard.
  • Debt consolidation
  • To allow a 100% lend on a transaction by raising the deposit via a 2nd charge secured loan.
  • The best advice is normally to complete a re-mortgage or a further advance but sometimes this is not possible.
  • We will complete the full personal finance advice process to ensure that a secured loan is the most suitable for your requirement. This is normally because the first charge mortgage needs to remain in place, which can be for many different reasons.

Regulated Bridging finance

Are you looking for short term personal finance to help with a residential property transaction? Bridging could be the answer. When would you consider bridging?

  • To provide temporary cash flow during a property transaction
  • If you are at risk of losing the home you are purchasing due to someone dropping out in the property chain
  • Downsizing
  • Securing a property quickly whilst your property is for sale
  • Buying an un-mortgageable property whist you renovate it.

A Bridge or a Development finance requirement becomes a regulated deal when the client or a family member has ever resided in the property or has any intention to in the future. The only exception to this is a 2nd charge loan, which is releasing funds to a business for business purposes.

Personal loans

Are you thinking about a holiday, changing your car, home improvements, buying a big ticket item for your house or consolidating debt? A personal loan could be the solution. You can borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term, and usually with a fixed rate.

You can borrow as little as £500 up to £35,000 over a maximum of 5 years.

Credit History will largely determine the rate that you will pay, with most lenders carrying out a credit check upon application of the loan.

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