Small business loans could open up your export horizons

According to a senior partner in one of Britain’s leading private equity firms, too many of the UK’s small businesses are failing to consider countries outside Europe when they lay their export plans.  She says that there is a huge demand for UK brands around the world and entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of this global opportunity.  If you feel that your company’s financial restrictions could be holding you back and preventing you from capitalising on these emerging markets then maybe you should consider taking advantage of the many very competitive small business loans facilities that are now available.

According to this private equity firm, as revealed in a report that was featured in this week’s Sunday Times, there are many countries, especially those with emerging economies, where export prospects are considerably better than those offered by European nations.  In particular, the report went on to say, targeting countries such as China and Bangladesh, which has a faster rate of expansion than the EU, should be seriously considered.

To assist would-be exporters to capitalise on these ‘new’ market opportunities, companies such as Synergy Commercial Finance are able to offer valuable advice on the availability of the most appropriate financial support facilities, including a number of ultra-competitive small business loans opportunities.

With a national network of highly experienced independent finance brokers available, there is almost certainly one of our fully qualified, and FCA authorised finance professionals located conveniently close to you.

The other major benefit of speaking to us about small business loans and other financial support opportunities is that all our brokers have exclusive access to what is acknowledged as the UK’s largest and most diverse funding panel through which they are able to source the most appropriate and most competitive lending solutions – including the type of economically-attractive small business loans that could enable many more of Britain’s SME businesses to fully capitalise on this emerging export opportunity.

According to the report, the best advice for any small business that wishes to exploit this developing international export market is to hire people who ‘understand the culture, the local economy and the competitive landscape of these burgeoning markets’.  Which is precisely where the correct commercial funding to support these export strategies – including small business loans – becomes so vital.

If you are among the small firms that are currently considering exploring the new opportunities now opening up for British businesses who are looking to expand their export horizons, you really must speak to us at Synergy to find out just how we can assist you with the funding advice and facilities you require to implement your plans.  You can call us on 01904 481 786.    You can also email: or you can send a message using the online form on our Contact page.


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