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This weekend we’ve witnessed what must be the year’s biggest viewing figures for two quite short TV programmes.  On Friday over 8 million viewers tuned in to watch the Queen’s VE-Day speech, while on Sunday over 27 million watched the Prime Minister’s lockdown announcement.  It was one of the most-watched broadcasts in UK television history.

It really was quite staggering just how many people were desperate to hear what Mr Johnson had to say about the proposed first steps to free Britain from lockdown.  Although it must be said that his proposals are only applicable to England.  The other three UK nations, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have confirmed that they will be sticking with the existing self-isolation rules.  Nevertheless, as Britain now glimpses a faint light at the end of the lockdown tunnel we think that everyone now realises that the journey will be long and arduous, and for many firms, especially small businesses, there will still be a real need for significant financial support.

The expert advice and assistance that Synergy Commercial Finance is able to provide to help business owners source and secure the vital small business loan support they so desperately need remains as important as ever.

To briefly outline the Prime Minister’s statement, Mr Johnson announced how the government is planning to gradually lift lockdown in carefully controlled phases.  He emphasized however, that he wouldn’t hesitate to ‘apply the brakes’ if there are any signs of a second virus spike.

So just what can we now look forward to?

From today (Monday) the Stay at Home mantra will be replaced by a new message: STAY ALERT.  Later this week we will have more freedom to go out, to take more exercise, to meet someone else and perhaps to sunbathe.  Large groups of people will still be banned.

If you cannot work from home you will be encouraged to go to work, but all firms must become ‘Covid secure’.

Garden centres and some shops will be allowed to re-open, but social distancing and a restricted number of customers will be applied.

Some sports where social distancing is possible; such as golf, tennis and fishing will be permitted.

Schools could begin to re-open in controlled phases and restaurants that have outdoor dining facilities could possibly open by July.  Pubs will not be allowed to open until later in the year.

Older people though will still face restrictions on movement and mixing until much later.

Generally speaking all this has to be good news for many company owners who have seen their business operations frozen.  Many of these firms, especially SME operations, now desperately require financial support to ensure their survival and that is where Synergy is able to be of assistance.

Thanks to our national network of independent commercial finance brokers, our unrivalled professional experience, expertise and our widespread business associations, we are able to assist companies to apply for and access the government’s small business loan support schemes they require.

Even though funding support is now becoming widely available, many businesses really appreciate the professional expert guidance we can provide that will help them successfully secure small business loan support.

If your business requires advice and assistance to arrange urgent financial support needed to help you through the crisis, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 01904 481 786.    You can also email: or you can send a message using the online form on our Contact page.

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