Sixty percent of brokerage firms are still unprepared!

UK brokerage firms are ‘sleepwalking to massive penalties’ by not being ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force at the end of May.  That is only a matter of just 16 weeks away and if you are one of those brokerage firms affected … and probably by now becoming very worried … then remember this: It is not going to go away, but the solution is quite simple, thanks to the Synergy Commercial Finance compliance capacity support programme.

The fact is that the soon to be mandatory GDPR demands can appear to be daunting, especially for the single operator and small brokerage firms who may lack the time, capacity and expertise required to comply.  As part of Synergy’s total broker support programme, the whole of the company’s broker network is actively being assisted to ensure that all GDPR requirements are met and that all the new data protection procedures are in place before the deadline.

Support, compliance and peace of mind are among the huge reasons why so many UK brokerage firms have taken advantage of the Synergy franchise opportunity that provides them with a complete catalogue of benefits without the need to lose their identity or compromise their independence.

Another major plus for brokers within the Synergy network is the exclusive access they enjoy to what is, without doubt, the biggest and most comprehensive funding panel there is.  Currently this numbers in excess of 150 High Street and specialist market lenders providing brokers with a massive advantage when it comes to sourcing and structuring the most appropriate finance deals for their own clients.

New brokers are welcome to join the Synergy network.

If you are one of the many brokerage firms who is worried about how you will manage to comply with GDPR demands – and avoid the massive penalties – before the May deadline, then you really must speak to Synergy Commercial Finance to discuss the support and compliance available.

Likewise, if you are currently planning to set up your own new-to-market broker business and are concerned about GDPR and FCA regulations and authorisation, please do not hesitate to speak to Synergy to discover how our support programme will provide total confidence regarding all matters of compliance.

All it takes is just one phone call … but it could immediately remove a huge burden off your shoulders, bring peace of mind and provide the kind of enormous benefits that make a positive difference to brokerage firms.

So do not stress or panic about the upcoming GDPR demands, just speak to us about how we can help.  You can call us on 01904 481 786. You can also email: or you can send a message using the online form on our Contact page.


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