How many times have we heard traders and manufacturers complain that an import deal they had been working extremely hard on had gone belly up. All because they couldn’t get a suitable financial package together the lucrative deal they were anticipating was lost.

But you know, that needn’t have happened.

Synergy Commercial Finance Trade Finance capabilities could have provided all the supporting working capital required to keep the deal alive.

One of the main reasons why import deals fail is that the overseas supplier (quite reasonably) want their money ‘upfront’ or that they won’t offer you terms before they agree to freight the goods to you. Our Franchisee/Appointed Representative brokers will be able to arrange the kind of innovative funding packages that completely solve this type of problem. It’s the kind of finance that thanks to our unique funding panel (which now numbers in excess of sixty independent funders from the UK and around the world) we can provide at very short notice.

One of our options is Purchase Finance, which works like a credit circle. You provide details of your agreed deal with your overseas supplier and we pay them so that the transaction proceeds as planned. We also provide you with agreed credit terms to cover the period while the goods are in transit and while you are waiting for your own invoice to be settled. At the end of the agreed credit period, by which time you should have your money, you pay us. Simple!

A second Trade Finance option from our extensive range of finance products is Supply Chain Finance. By agreeing an invoice facility with us and on providing a confirmed purchaser for the goods on order we can arrange for a specialist finance house to take over full responsibility for the supply chain process. Everything is agreed in advance, but in essence they will cover the costs for financing the supply chain process and as part of this arrangement they will take care of all your financial obligations for the product purchase and freight costs from point of origin to destination. If required the deal can also include responsibility for costs such as import duties, dock fees and import VAT etc.

You pay them on the agreed terms that are designed to provide a realistic timescale for you to collect all the monies owed to you.

Both of these options provide the kind of ‘win-win’ opportunities that our brokers are fully familiar with and they can offer you all the expert professional help you need.

These types of innovative funding packages can transform a deal that looked dead in the water into a profitable success and all you have to do is to Contact Synergy Commercial Finance. We will put you in touch with your local highly experienced professional who can advise you on the different strategies available and guide you through the processes.

Innovative Funding Packages

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If on the other hand your primary concern is export, then right now is a particularly good time to explore our full range of commercial finance products, many of which are designed to ease the financial burden of overseas trade, because the Government has recently launched an initiative to encourage British business to become more export aware. It is called ‘Exporting is Great’ and not only does it provide a step-by-step guide to obtaining vital export support, it also lists hundreds of genuine export opportunities by providing lists of overseas companies and organisations currently looking for goods or services together with online application forms to register your interest. You can find full details about this export drive here:

If you are concerned about import costs or are worried about how to fund export deals and you are looking for the type of innovative funding packages that will suit your requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 01904 481 786. You can also email us at: or you can use the online form on our Contact page.

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