Last Wednesday we held our second ‘December Do’, but it was nothing like most company Christmas parties. In fact technically it wasn’t a Christmas party at all, it was, in fact, our second annual Meet the Funders Expo. Although we have to admit that we did inject more than a colourful touch of festive spirit by holding our famous Best Christmas Jumper competition.

Held for the first time at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Birmingham, chosen this year because we required a much bigger venue than last year, we welcomed around 150 people to what has rapidly become an eagerly anticipated event.

Of the people in attendance about 60 of them were AFS delegates with around 90 representatives from our esteemed panel of funders, including a number of very exclusive funding sources, which is now widely acknowledged to be the largest, broadest and most comprehensive source of asset finance solutions available in the UK.

The event began with a convivial lunch before everyone got together in serious networking mode and as the afternoon wore on funders and AFS members were able to get to know each other and discuss how they could be of help to one another and establish mutually beneficial business relationships.

An event such as this provides an almost unheard of opportunity for asset finance brokers to have face-to-face personal contact with such a large number of funding sources, enabling them to get to know individual funding contacts and to discuss the various financial products that each one has to offer. Many AFS members actually took the opportunity to bring along ‘live cases’ and in several instances they were able to secure deals and arrive at appropriate financial solutions – right there on the spot.

The Expo also afforded an excellent opportunity for franchisees who came from all across the country to speak to and get to know other members, and we heard of several brokers who have now established what they hope will be strong links with other brokerages in other regions in what could be powerful, if informal partnerships.

It is not often that finance brokers operating in various parts of the UK have the opportunity to meet and introduce themselves to such a wealth of funding sources all together in one room. The feedback we have received has been entirely positive. Not only from our broker franchisees, but also from our funders who welcomed the opportunity to meet so many of them face-to-face in one afternoon.

Despite the serious nature of the occasion there was a noticeable sense of festive fun within the room. This festive spirit continued into the bar afterwards and was also influenced by the colourful array of splendidly gaudy Christmas jumpers being worn. In the end, and after much debate, the judges awarded the prize for the best Christmas jumper to Stockport based franchisee, Matt Vaughan. Congratulations Matt, we hope that you will be back next year to defend your title when we hold our third Meet the Funders Expo in December 2016.

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All the management and staff of Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Successful and Prosperous 2016.