But we still have the same three companies, the same finance products and the same drive and determination.

Over recent weeks we have made a very significant change to our company structure, but it is a change for the better and in all probability a change that the majority of people will not even be aware of.  In a nutshell we’ve amalgamated our three autonomous companies: Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd, AFS Compliance Ltd and Synergy Commercial Finance under a single corporate umbrella with the formation of a new corporate Group that we have registered under the name AFS Group (Holdings) Ltd.

By creating this Group structure it has enabled us to present a more rounded and encompassing platform that will add appeal and benefits across all our different market sectors.  And while each of our Group companies will still continue to operate quite independently we have now acquired the infrastructure that will make it easier for them, where appropriate, to combine their resources and collaborate in order to provide a fuller and more comprehensive service to their clients.

AFS Group (Holdings) Ltd begins life in a unique position of strength in that it encompasses the UK’s two leading financial franchise networks: Asset Financial Solutions (UK) Ltd and Synergy Commercial Finance.  Both these extremely successful operations also enjoy the benefit of close collaboration with the Group’s other member: AFS Compliance Ltd.

A major factor in the success of the Group’s two finance products provider companies is that they have each established a national network of highly-experience independent finance brokers who, by utilising the Group’s exclusive and unrivalled funding sources are able to provide an outstanding portfolio of finance products and solutions to their growing client base.

In order to operate within the UK finance sector at this level brokers are required to obtain FCA Authorisation, but instead of having to negotiate the Regulator’s own lengthy, difficult and expensive direct authorisation route, they can tap into AFS Compliance Ltd resources by allowing them to act as the principal company.  This inter-group co-operation means that brokers can become legally compliant and authorised to operate not only cost-effectively, but within a matter of days rather than months.

Without doubt, working independently or as part of a Group team, the three companies will continue to deliver an exceptional range of finance products and solutions to cover virtually every business requirement from emergency cashflow needs, property mortgages, stock, re-financing, asset financing, business development and invoice finance … to short term finance and business loans.  Now with a more formal Group structure, AFS Group (Holdings) Ltd will ensure that not only will the Group companies maintain their success in the short term … but they now have the protection of a strong corporate umbrella whatever the future brings.

If you would like to know more about the AFS Group or any of the Group companies please do not hesitate to call us on 01254 958 777, email us at: enquiries@afsuk.com or you can send us an online message using the form on our Contact page.

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