When the new National Living Wage came into effect on the 1st April many business owners regarded it as a not very funny April Fools Day trick. That’s because whilst the new legislation may have been warmly received by many lower paid employees, having to suddenly find extra funds has seen many employers wondering just how they are going to survive the additional outlay requirements. Some have resorted to layoffs. Others have tightened their belts and are hoping to weather the storm. While some businesses have mounted major growth initiatives in order to try and cover their increased costs and to meet their new finance requirements.

But how are you coping? And would you like to know how to generate the additional funds that may be needed to meet your new financial requirements?

The questions you have to ask yourself are:

  1. How is your business adjusting to the new living wage?
  2. How is your cashflow coping with the changes?
  3. Have you experienced any impact on your plans to grow your business?

There is, however, a simple answer to all of these questions and the answer to each one of them is the same. Synergy Commercial Finance can provide a range of different funding solutions to match the future finance requirements of virtually any business, no matter within which sector it operates.

At Synergy we recognise that every business’s needs are different and individual, but among our extensive catalogue of finance products we can show you how, even if your usual bank or finance house is remaining cool on the subject, we can help you and your company as it adjusts to the demands of the living wage.

For instance, we could help you to support your wage commitments while you adjust your business to the extra pressures imposed by the living wage.

We could help you unlock cash from your business in order to provide valuable investment funds.

We could support you in purchasing stock or equipment to enable you to maintain or extend the viability of your business.

The beauty of our flexibility and our innovative approach to matching financial requirements to specific business situations is that we can offer the widest choice of options that cover both secured and unsecured funding packages.

So if the living wage is meaning that you are currently finding it difficult to make a living for yourself, then you really should be speaking to Synergy. It won’t cost you a penny to speak to us and there is no obligation or commitment. So what have you got to lose?

To find out how we can help you live with the living wage call us on: 01904 481 786, email us at: enquiries@synergy.finance or send us an online message by using the form that can be found on our Contact page.

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