You know, no matter how much research you do, or how much groundwork and effort you put into establishing a new business, it’s always reassuring and rewarding when you step back after a few weeks of operation and realise that … yes … it looks as though we got it right.

That’s not intended to be self-congratulatory, or complacent in any way, it’s just that since we launched Synergy Commercial Finance at the beginning of November we have seen a steady and continuous increase, not only in the interest and enquiries we have been receiving, but also from new and established finance brokers who have already signed up to join our burgeoning broker network.

Last week was no exception and we were delighted to welcome two additional franchisees on board.

So what is our secret of success? Well, actually it isn’t a secret at all because we’ve been openly talking about it since day one.

First and foremost, finance brokers all across the country have been quick to recognise that with the increasing competition within the financial markets, the sheer scale of the franchise opportunities we offer provides what is virtually an unbeatable source of funding options. The staggering diversity of sources available within our funding panel, now numbering in excess of sixty, will match just about every customer requirement whether it is for Property Finance, Cashflow Finance, Asset Finance – in fact our choice of finance products is so extensive that it’s no wonder more and more brokers are now confirming that Synergy Commercial Finance literally is a One Stop Funding Shop.

The Synergy broker network is already paying off for those early bird franchisees who have now signed up with us.

There is another very significant factor though that is also persuading brokers of all sizes, both established firms and newcomers to the broker market, to join us.

That is the fact that as a franchise member of the Synergy broker network everyone attains immediate FCA Compliance accreditation – without the need to negotiate the tortuous direct authorisation route or the need to commit significant funds in acquiring the required Regulator’s authorisation to conduct their business.

We foresaw, before we established Synergy Commercial Finance, that there was a serious and genuine need for a broker network such as ours and results have more than proved that we were right. That is why Synergy literally has hit the ground running.

Thanks to everyone who has made our first few weeks so exciting … and now here’s to next year.

If you would like to discuss how Synergy could assist your broker business – without you having to sacrifice your own identity or independence – please call us on 01904 481 786, or send us a message using the form on our Contact page.

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