When you’re planning your financial compliance route. Which is now a compulsory journey if you are to obtain FCA Authorisation. Who would you rather have as your guide … someone who will simply point the direction? Or a trusted and experienced companion who will accompany you at every step of the way and who will then stand by you at the end of the journey ready to support you in the future?

No doubt you’ve already considered the various options open to you, starting with a self-guided adventure, which if you’re unfamiliar with the route, can leave you hopelessly lost, having expended a great deal of time and money in the process.

Another option is to go down the ‘Compliance Support Services’ route, where for an upfront fee (which incidentally becomes an on-going monthly fee if you then require regular updates) you provide an overview of your business to the service company and in turn they will then put together your application and inform you what policies and procedures you need to put in place and what evidence you need to produce on order to show that you are compliant. Then that’s it. After that it’s up to you to get on with it unless you pay additional fees if you want to be kept informed about any future changes and requirements that you need to be implementing.

The third, and in many people’s view the best option, is AFS Compliance. Here we take a totally different approach to your financial compliance journey, because when you become an AFS Appointed Representative (AR) although you retain your own identity and independence we will undertake full legal responsibility to ensure that you not only obtain full FCA Authorisation, but because we’re here for the long-term, we stay with you so that we can guide you safely over any future hurdles or obstacles that the FCA may place in your path.

We also remain by your side at every step of the way and as part of our comprehensive financial compliance service we will personally come to your company to review and implement the systems and procedures demanded by the Regulator. We also provide all the training you and your staff may require to become and remain compliant. It is this unique Compliance Insight that ensures you obtain the necessary FCA Authorisation within the shortest time possible so that your financial compliance obligations do not ever become a burden. Not now, nor at any time in the future.

So instead of mounting your own DIY compliancy expedition, or relying on helpful hints from a travel guide, choose AFS Compliance the one company that can tailor their Compliance Services to match your individual needs and who you can rely on to take full legal responsibility to ensuring that your business obtains and retains its crucial financial compliance status.

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